Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter day

 Easter day was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day.  Just the morale booster we needed. 
 We had an egg hunt

 Took the obligatory group picture
 Walked to the beach
 And yes, that is ice STILL on the lake.  Way out on the horizon you can see a line of white...more ice moving in to shore.
 The kids couldn't resist taking off their shoes to test for coldness
 Adelaide didn't want to get her dress wet but she was determined to test with her toes
 and she found out how cold cold can be on piggy toes!

After PH and I walked back into the house from waving everyone off we found this homicide scene.  Someone sacrificed the pascal lamb!  We didn't have to dust for prints. We know exactly who the suspect is.


  1. sounds like you enjoyed your Easter...ours was very quiet as the girls were working a lot of it or out...

    Poor Lamb! (did make me giggle though...somebody has a sense of humour)

  2. Laughed out loud over that one!