Sunday, April 27, 2014


We just returned from a weekend away with friends.  We had a great time with Bob and Carol on your right, PH in the middle and hostess with the MOSTEST, Ann.  We live in a summer neighborhood, so only see Ann during summers. We decided at the end of last summer we needed to see her before this summer. "Ann, we're coming to visit," we told her  .Arranging calendars being what it is, and this winter being what it was, we didn't get there till now.  But it turned out it was a wonderful time to go.  Ann lives just enough south of here so the magnolia trees and redbuds and pear trees were all in full bloom, violets sprouted in the grass, bluebells in bloom, sunshine, blue skies and temps in the high 70s.  It gave us hope as we came home to a promise of a rainy week and temps in the 50s.

Is it me or do you all think of the food you ate when you traveled?  I sure do.  We try not to frequent the chains that assault you as you leave the highway exits.  We try for something different.
Friday we stopped in a tiny little town and almost gave up hope until we stopped some people on the street and asked, "where can we eat?"  The answer?  "Follow us!" Would you just look at that dessert counter?  Of course we ordered pie!  Each of us a different one.
 Saturday we stopped at another place, outdoor patio seating and a microbrewery.  Birds singing, sun shining, first time on an outdoor patio this year.  I absolutely love outdoor seating when we finally get the weather for it. This was PH's dish.  They called it 'the pony' because it was smaller than 'the horseshoe'.  It was still decadent.  What is often called a heart attack on a plate. Toasted bread, ham, cheese, fries. 
 Bob ordered this 'artisan flatbread'
 Carol had fried green tomatoes and shrimp all nestled in a lobster sauce.  She said it was great.

Don't tell the others but I thought mine was the most delicious.  A flatbread with caramelized onions, gorgonzola, figs, a whisper of cheese and a sprinkle of bacon.  Oh, my, it was amazing.  I took pictures so I could replicate it at home.

Ann ordered a burger she said was delish, but we deemed it not different enough to earn a photo.

As the old postcards used to say....a good time was had by all.