Friday, February 21, 2014

You know it's bad....

You know it's been a bad winter when your four year old grand-daughter says, "spring is coming, it really is because Elizabeth dug down through the snow and found grass!"   Yes, sweetie pie, it's there.You just have to dig for it.

And friend Marilyn said, "you know it's bad when your cat sits out in the driveway and cries!"
Yup, kitty, we are all on the verge of tears...or past it.

There was a time when after a day of pruning or trimming or raking or just tweaking the garden,  we would sit out here in the evening, listening to the birds tuck in for the night, watch the deer come out of the brush looking for tulips and sweet greens to eat.  We'd have an iced tea or a glass of wine, feel the warm, gentle breeze and just sit quietly and enjoy the new green and warmth and the view and each other.

But these howling winds, relentless up-to-the-knees snowfalls and cold temperatures are making everyone feel like it's never going to be green again. And this winter is getting really, really, really old. Really, really really, really old.  This picture was taken the end of November.  You can't see the urn now.

Remind me to never paint anything white.

Yes, I'm pouting.

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  1. Love your pictures. Beautiful place. I know what you mean about the color white. LOL I'm pouting too.