Sunday, February 16, 2014

Once in a lifetime

We did something today that we've never ever done before and maybe will never do again (at least not if we don't have another winter like this one!)
Do you see in the lower right that mitten shape?  That's us.  Michigan.  Do you see all that whiteness, that snow coming at us? Streaking down from the north, crossing Lake Superior and straight across Lake Michigan, covering us with snow?   It's been very steady, very, very steady all winter.  And cold. Very, very cold.  Well,  because of that snow and cold, Lake Michigan, that big puddle to the left of the mitten that's covered in streaks of snow is 80% frozen over.  It hasn't been this ice covered in over 20 years.
That means today we could do this....
 We joined probably a thousand people who took a WALK out onto the lake for about 140 yards!  Notice the pier and the tall red structure and teeny house waaaayyy out there.  Notice PH in the lower right.
 In the summer you couldn't be out here unless you knew how to swim.  Notice the people! 
 Now we're even with the red house light house at the very end of the pier
 People were picking up chunks and making ice sculptures.  Little kids were adding theirs, teen agers were walking "in" Lake Michigan instead of the mall.  Everybody, absolutely everybody had a camera.
  How far out I am!  Any other time I'd need a boat for this view!
PH was carrying my hat.  No wind, lots of sunshine = no hat or gloves! 

 I know this doesn't do justice but the sun shining on the ice flakes in our path just sparkled
 I don't know who or what made this little teepee but loads of people had their pictures taken in it!

 If we strayed off the path we stood the chance of tripping on upchucked ice.
 Would you please notice how far from shore we are??????????? This was just thrilling.
 See? Not hat, no gloves, sunshine smiles, new experience smiles.  What a terrific day!
 Walking back to "shore" so many people were commenting about being out here where they would normally be in their boats.   I so believe there were a thousand people out there.  PH said there were surely a thousand cars trying to find a place to park!! 


it is now just two days later and a friend went out to try to do what we did on Sunday afternoon.  She couldn't because the ice has melted and it's open water again right at the end of the pier.  Truly astounding to see her pictures, just TWO days later, which unfortunately won't load on the the blog for you to see. 

Since this post I have been chastised by friends who wonder where my senses were that day. Didn't I know better than to go out on that ice?  Didn't I know there are soft spots and holes and ledges hidden by the snow?  Didn't I understand the danger?   Yes, I did know better, I do know about the holes and soft spots and I am the first one to tell everyone about the danger.  But in pictures from friends who did the walk the day before I saw a clearly delineated path that people were walking on and so we dared. I'll never do it again.  I understand the danger.  But oh, I am so glad we did it!


  1. Great pictures. Loved seeing them because I'll probably not make it out there. I bet it was a thrill.

  2. Remind me to tell you about the time my daughter almost died walking on the icebergs. Be very careful!