Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What to wear?

Do you use your quilts?  I do.  Constantly.  I never sit in my chair or on the couch or nap or read without one over me.  Sometimes two or three at a time.  It isn't pretty, but this is how they're usually stored, these four winter ones.  Folded quickly and piled on this chair.   But last week all that changed for the "Oh My!" better.  When I retired at the end of May my good friend Harry promised he would make a quilt rack for me.

 And last Friday he and Friend Marge delivered it.   Isn't it beautiful?   It's tall, it's stained cherry to match most of my woods, it holds five quilts in front and two more can be stored on the back. It sits flat against a wall using minimum floor space.
 Harry does beautiful woodworking and it's a real honor to have something he made specially for me.
The rocking chair is still there but now my quilts are hanging beautifully.  I still use them everyday but now it's like looking into the closet and wondering what to wear for the day.   Hmmm...the antique that Friend Marge ALMOST GAVE TO THE ANIMAL SHELTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  or the one I call the Cinnamon quilt or the flying geese embroidered with the Over the River and Through the Woods scenes my mom worked,  or the gingerbread men or the square in a square that was my second ever quilt....I don't just grab one anymore.  Now I look at them and think about it and thank Harry all over again.
Harry would like that, knowing I think of him every day!

p.s.  No, I'm not keeping this in front of the window so they can fade.  I needed the natural light for the pictures.