Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm sick, it seems. This morning after literally prying open glued together eyelids, I called the doctor and drove an hour in to the (bigger) city to be diagnosed with something other than "ouch."
Turns out I have a "highly unusual in adults" ear infection (and now I know why kids cry when they have them) and a sinus infection that is draining through my eyes!!!!!!!!!!! If it sounds disgusting, it's more painful than that.
So, until I can open the eyes wider than a mole, no quilting. Yesterday I did finish those cute little gingerbread men! Gosh, I think it could be as long as 7 years since I started them but I really don't remember! How does one date a quilt that's been hanging around in a drawer that long? If I made it now it would be a totally different quilt. It's interesting how our taste and expertise changes.

That learning sampler is almost finished. And I was going to put the sashing on the flower quilt Elizabeth wants but it will have to wait a couple of days till I can see. I figure taking three UFOs out of the drawer qualifies for a new project! Oh, yeah, but then there's Christine over there in the corner.....sigh.

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