Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here they are at age 5 days. Don't they look like hairy worms? The inside of those beaks are bright orange - maybe that's for a reason, like so momma can see they're hungry? I don't know, but they are growing fast for just 5 days. This nest is just too easy. I don't even need to stand on tiptoes.
So where's the quilting? In a basket on the floor. I finally cleaned up my piles of projects and put them away for the holiday weekend and visiting grandchildren. It's hard to find the time when we have about an hour and a half of evening time. Yard, house, laundry, groceries, it's hard to find time to stitch. This weekend is a holiday weekend and it's Patient Husband's birthday so the kids are coming and we'll have a house full. I can't wait.
Next weekend the staff from school is coming for the End of the Year Party. An annual event for 13 years. We have about 30 people - give or take - and I do all of the cooking. They come, relax, walk the beach, eat, drink and exhale. It's amazing fun.

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  1. Aww, so cute! We had a nest of robins on our front porch this year. Our first time ever! We took down the first nest the mama had built and destroyed it, but she came back and built another. So we left that one and just enjoyed the eggs/babies.

    They flew away last week but one came back the next day and perched on our porch rail. It stayed about 10 minutes and let my 4 yr. old son touch it. At that point I went in and got my camera and took some pics. I was even able to shoot a short video, during which it delighted my boys by, well- no nice way to put it- pooping.

    Maybe it will be like your bird and come back every year! The kids would love that.