Monday, April 26, 2010


It's my lunchtime and I just went for a walk, like I do everyday I don't keep the car. It's absolutely picture perfect outside right now. The sky is blue, the air perfect for walking - not cold, a gentle breeze, and every single flowering tree is in full show off mode right now. I picked a sprig of lilac from someone's bush, and I picked a couple of beauties from a flowering crab in the yard at school to press into the book I'm reading right now. The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Ford is the lucky recipient of double crabapple blossoms today. They'll live there forever now.
The Snappyfriends assignment for this week is birds and while there is nothing particularly special about a sparrow, this one lives in the lap of luxury in a birdhouse tucked into a corner flowerbed next to the front door of school.

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow have this beautiful dogwood outside their front door

and this beautiful crab apple next door.

Don't you wish you could be a bee ?

I wrestled with the quilts this weekend. Putting a sun in the corner of the Sunbonnet Sue for Grand-daughter #3 is a problem. They all look too big or too small, with so much white space to fill, I made a dresden plate for the sun and it's good, with muted yellows and a soft apricot, but it looks too big. I had a dyed doily for the sun in first choice but it was too small. I let it go for awhile and worked on another dress for granddaughter #1, Elizabeth's paper doll quilt I'm making with friend Marilyn, who is also Elizabeth's grandma. I've done three outfits and spent WAY too much time on the 4th, trying to get it right. I think I'll have to rip it out for the 5th time. Or will this be the 6th?
My page looks different because I was trying the blogger template tryout pages and somehow lost all of my color and can't figure out how to get it back. As long as I didn't lose all my content, I'll just be pale for awhile. I'm SO afraid to push that button for fear of losing everything.


  1. wow a gorgeous dogwood to call home........I could be a sparrow but I would prefer to be a bee........that pink tree is so pretty.........imagine hanging out in flowers all day.........

  2. I love the sparrow, a charmingly ordinairy bird, i see them every day and always feel happy to see them tidying up the crumbs in the playground !
    Louise xx

  3. I think sparrows are world wide how lucky yours is to like with such lovely trees around him.

  4. Yes, we have sparrows here in our yard. Yours looks like a particularly chubby one!