Thursday, April 15, 2010


It was a wonderfully gorgeous day yesterday (and another expected today) so I took the rake and pruners and set out for the yard. It's been a little hard to get the gumption up to go tackle some winter clean up tasks but I had the car so I got home early enough and decided no more excuses. I raked out the hostas, trimmed the suckers from the apple trees and dug out some rose shoots to send off to my daughter. These roses are beautiful but absolutely coated in prickers. They're rugosa roses, and they thrive on neglect. I have them as a hedge along the roadway and they send out shoots into the lawn every spring. Husband just mows them with the grass but now people are asking for the shoots. Taking them on requires a suit of armor or I spend days and days tweezing out the hair thin prickery thorns. These go to my daughter for her yard. I put some in the basket of my bike and rode over to a neighbor's and planted some clips for her, too. The lake was calm as glass.

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