Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

I want to share a couple of cakes with you. I'm a pie person, myself. There's no better breakfast than a piece of pie, but every once in awhile cake would be nice. The marmalade cake pictured here came from Orangette and is under the previous post called We Ate This Cake. Friend Marilyn made it for our second grand-daughter's christening Sunday. It was wonderful and I took the few leftovers home....for breakfast!

This one is a coconut cake (and I don't care for coconut) . There's a little restaurant a few miles from home that serves the locals with burgers and whatnot. In fact that's the name of the place, the What Not Inn. Just a little place by the side of the road, but I particularly like going there on warm summer days when we can sit on the porch. I ALWAYS order this coconut cake. I ask for it to be served first, before the meal, because it's so good I am afraid if I died during my meal, my head slumped into my mashed potatoes, I'd miss this part. So, not to take any chances, while everyone else is having a salad, I'm having my coconut cake.

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