Saturday, July 8, 2017


 Look who got new glasses! 
 This weekend is Lowell's Riverwalk Festival and it's the first time PH and I really spent time at it.  We worked at the museum's booth last night.  Today we met up with the girls and walked around till parade time. We were very surprised to see the crowds!  Not everyone heads to the lakeshore on summer weekends.  Today was a big day, lots of family activities, music, food and the parade.
 The history of Lowell will be presented in pageant form by the area children at the end of the month.  They've been working on it all summer, making moccasins, their costumes, etc.  The girls will be participating and needed Native American dresses.  I had the perfect fabric and they approved, but you all know how I just love my sewing machine.  Making two shift dresses without a pattern was easily put off till many tomorrows passed and now it's crunch time.  It's a good thing they are supposed to look like Pocahontas sewed them together with porcupine quills.  Phew!  I was glad to see them (the dresses, not the girls) go home today.
 The museum's calliope was in top form.  No marching bands in this parade because school is out for the summer so it was a treat to get the full effect of the calliope.
 When we got home the girls decided to concoct a potion and headed for the spices.  They were making poison potions.  I stayed out of their way and at the sewing machine working on those dresses.
 Lots of food coloring and sprinkles of this and that spice - basically things they liked the smell of,

and they were finished.  I got a little worried when I heard them in the kitchen talking about "feeding it to a human."   I'm glad I didn't qualify.


  1. Hahaha.....grandmothers are definitely not "human".....they are just super amazing! The summer parade looks like a grand event, and I am sure those "dresses" totally look the part. The things we do for love.

  2. E's glasses are very pretty.So glad you wern't forced to drink the potion, ha ha. Sounds like I have a river to explore.