Monday, July 17, 2017

A Pattern for Pepper

A Pattern for Pepper by Julie Kraulis

     Pepper is in need of a new dress for a special occasion so she and her mother ask Mr. Taylor to make one just right for her.
     Mr. Taylor takes her measurements and then explains that “fabrics are textiles and textiles come in all sorts of patterns.”  He explains there are patterns in all things and begins to compare the floor to herringbone, and tells Pepper that design was inspired by the skeleton of a fish. He then goes on to explain plaids and houndstooth, argyle and ikat, dotted swiss and toile, until he has gone through the history and origins of most of the patterns in his shop.  And then, when it seemed like Pepper wasn’t going to agree to any of them, Mr. Taylor finds exactly the right pattern for her special occasion.
      If you sew, even if you don’t sew, this book is a charm from beginning to end.   The drawings are perfect, soft and vibrant and simple.  The history of the patterns is informative for anyone, but if you have a young person in your life who is showing an interest in sewing, this book should be required.