Saturday, July 15, 2017

A day at the spa

We just returned from a week at the beach in our old neighborhood.  Friends graciously give us and our daughter and her family the use of their house for a week, we try to relax and do all the things we did when we lived there. That is sometimes a contradiction in terms!
 After setting up base camp and getting Lily settled the water is first on the agenda for the kids.  It's their prime play space.

 One day Elizabeth and daddy went for a walk and found a clay pool that was perfect for a beauty treatment.  Historically, in the 1930's the people who had little houses here DID indeed collect this clay, dried it and sold it to beauty shops in Chicago.  People used to pay good money for what we picked up off the beach this day.
 It was the perfect consistency of goopy custard ice cream and perfect for spreading.
 My turn!  I was told I was putting it on too thick, something that carries over to many parts of my life, but it was too late.  Once in your hand it was there to use.
 Now, I was told, I had to let it dry and enjoy the skin tightening.
 We all got into it.
Daughter was drawing Pictish symbols on the back of hubby's war painted back.
 She opted for the spa hot rock treatment.
 Adelaide spent her time this day trying to keep her face underwater for a record amount of time. When she got to 8 seconds she was overjoyed.
 It wasn't all wave jumping, though.  The girls brought their sketch pads and we all had reading material with us so while Elizabeth sketched her dad read to her from The Lord of the Rings.  Elizabeth is a huge fan of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books and loves to be read to.
Adelaide took a breather to sketch a little, too.

Our time was shorter this year but we packed much into the time.  More pics later of some of the other fun things we did. 


  1. First I noticed the quilt, then the beach, the mud and oh my gosh you. I could call you the grey nomad, not referring to your hair of course. Ha Ha! I don't know if you use that term in the US?

  2. You are so blessed, my friend! And I expect when I see you next you'll look ten years younger after your treatment!

  3. That mud! How deliciously squishy! on the "laying it on too thick" I think it's quite a good mantra to live by, #wink#. Especially when it comes to delicious foods like cream and jam and icing etc etc.