Monday, January 2, 2017


    Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the temperatures in the 40's, it wasn't raining or snowing or blowing and we had taken our recovery naps so we decided to appreciate the nice weather while we had it and take a walk.  We wandered down the street to our daughter and SIL's house and found them in the midst of making New Year's tamales.

    I believe making and eating tamales on New Year's Day is a good luck thing and the kids do pull out their Mexican cookbooks this time of year and work on day long projects.  A couple of years ago it was a true mole sauce.  This year it was tamales.
     In order to differentiate PH and the girls' tender palates we tied their bundles.  Tricky business.  This so when it came time to eat them, they'd know which ones were 'safe.'

 I've eaten tamales but never made them and the work station was set up a little like making your own pizza.  We had pork and a little of the beef brisket I'd made for the night before, masa, three sauces and cheese.  The combinations were fun.
 Put into the pot to steam, we had about an hour and a half to wait so....
 they made some fried cheese topped with their own red sauce and cilantro.  Oh, my, it was good!
Dinner is served!  Tamales, rice, salsa verde, salsa roja, a mole like sauce, and sugared fruit.  Our little walk became a delicious unexpected surprise!

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