Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ice Day

   We were woken by the telephone ringing at 8 a.m. this morning asking if we wanted company for the day.  We were apparently in the throes of another ice day and schools were closed.  Of course we wanted company.  What else would we do all day?  Nap? 
 The first thing they asked was if they could bake.  Remember, they are mad scientists in the kitchen and there is no measuring.  I had to talk them into butter today.  Elizabeth thought of cookies and Adelaide wanted to do cupcakes.
 That dough is finger lickin' good.  They wouldn't care if nothing went into the oven.

 Elizabeth's dough was more cupcake than cookie and she was good with the change of plan.  It really didn't matter because they eat most of the dough anyway.
 Adelaide ground up half of 6 golden Oreos and put that into her dough.  She planned on using the frosting half as a topper for her cupcakes.  When the cupcakes came out of the oven she topped them with the half cookie, frosting side down so it would melt.  She does know what she wants.
 They frosted them and then ate a goodly amount of the frosting.  

 With a sugar high heading straight for us I thought we needed something a little more sedate to do so we cut out heart shapes from an old discount store quilt that I had broken apart years ago.
 We chose floss from the huge collection of embroidery floss that was my mom's.  There are hundreds and hundreds of colors and when she couldn't do her embroidery anymore she gave them all to me. Elizabeth would have and could have taken all of them into her hoard but I saw the look in her eyes and said that we had to pick SOME colors. 
 I showed them the running stitch but it was easier for them to stab stitch around the edges.
 There was concentration for about 30 minutes tops.

 And then I lost control of the day.  And the camera.  It was the sugar.