Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Shameless self promotion

I haven't done this for awhile, shamelessly bragging up my grands, but here we are.  It's spring, time for baseball and outdoor pursuits and everyone has smiles.
 Can you see the ball Charlie is dodging?  It's still in the air just past his right knee. I'm pretty proud of this picture!
 Mikey had to have a hat like his big brother but he hasn't quite grown into it yet.  He doesn't care.
I told Ceci someday I'm going to count those freckles.
 Elizabeth is participating in Girls on the Run at school and today in anticipation of the 5K run they'll take part in later in the month they had a practice to let the girls see just how far 5K is.  Mommy is a coach and ran today with Elizabeth.
The there's this doodlebug showing off her two missing top teeth. She said when she talks there's nothing there to stop her tongue.


  1. What dolls! And you got them all :) I can't choose a favorite, but I love the photo of Charlie dodging the ball and Adelaide--omg, she looks like a little girl straight out of County Kerry!

  2. There is nothing wrong with loving pride of such precious people! Those photographs are so beautiful, the faces show such unfettered spirit. It is a great thing to be able to sit back after years of child rearing and see the love you poured out into your family being radiated out into those wonderful grandchildren. Be proud you started all that!!!

  3. HOW do all of your photos turn out so fantastic? I'm jealous ...