Sunday, May 29, 2016

Birthday fun

We gathered yesterday for PH's birthday. He needed help blowing out the candle on his birthday brownies.
 They call the platform the fort and it's a big hit with the kids.  Elizabeth claimed this corner as hers.
 These two just attach themselves to each other and disappear.  Half of the time we don't know where they are, but yesterday, a hot and humid day, meant they were mostly in the freezer dispensing Klondike bars and fudge bars.  Adelaide knows she just has to make sure the freezer door is shut tight and the contents are there for the taking. 
Even I have a hard time with Klondike bars because there's nothing to hang on to and thus you get a melty end.  Here's how Ceci's ended up half the time.  Notice her chin.  We found little Klondike puddles around after they were all gone.  She DID have the presence of mind to use little dishes to put the meltyness on so that helped a lot when we found one on the hood of the car.
 This little guy is three and thinks he's one of the big kids and tries to do it all and I think he knows the big kids have all been told they have to accommodate him.  To give the big kids a break, he spends a lot of time with me. Yesterday it was Lincoln Logs.
 Charlie loves the woods. He gathered sticks to build a fort wall,  they went down to the creek but eventually down there, the mosquitoes won.
 Son and Daughter put together PH's dream list gift.  A contained firepit.  He does love his fire pits and while he chose for us to live in the forest, it was just too much to give up his firepit evenings.
He's a happy boy now.  He immediately built a fire.  He ran around gathering kindling and logs (there's a forest full of them)  before the assembly was even finished.