Monday, May 2, 2016

Amy Snow

Amy Snow by Tracy Rees

     When eight year old heiress Aurelia Vennaway discovers a newborn infant girl in a snow bank, she takes her home, names her Amy Snow and changes everything. The two girls grow up together as best friends, much to the disapproval of Aurelia’s parents, who see Amy as nothing.  She is a child with no name, no background, no lineage and so not worthy to be in their home, much less as a friend and companion to Aurelia.
     Aurelia is a reluctant heiress who goes against her parents’ plans for her at every turn.  It is only because of her that Amy is educated and has a home in the Venneway house. When Aurelia dies at an early age Amy is sent from the house with only her one valise of belongings and the letters Aurelia sent to her. 
     It is through one of these letters that Aurelia sets  Amy on a mysterious treasure hunt through England.  The first letter directs Amy to a family who take her in, help her grieve, give her their friendship and after a time give her another letter and send her on the way to the next person.               
      Through these letters, Aurelia lives on for Amy and Aurelia saves  Amy’s  life a second time, the first in scooping her out of the snow  as an infant and now  in giving her in each place what she never had in her life.  Amy  is given acceptance, love, kindness, friendship, social skills, even new clothes, but most importantly to Aurelia, she is giving Amy choices.  She discovers the world is not made up of people like the Vennaways.  As she moves closer and closer with each letter and clue Amy moves closer and closer to being Amy.
     Set in 1840s Victorian England, this story is a complete package for anyone. 

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