Sunday, January 24, 2016

Odds and Ends

It's my birthday this coming week so daughter and SIL had all of us over for dinner and the afternoon.  The kids, of course, took off for their respective corners to play, Mikey and I partner up and we played and played and played.

 Lisa fixed a gorgeous crown roast of pork and everyone almost voted turkey off the menu for Thanksgiving this year.  This was succulent, delicious and a hands down winner dinner. Wonderful!
 Did you all see that moon Saturday night????  It was breathtaking. I do love the moon and miss seeing it as easily as we did at the lake.  Living in the forest kind of makes it look like it's in jail, behind all those trees. 
TA DA!!!!!  My VERY FIRST EVER hexie!  You heard right and those quilty friends of mine are laughing themselves silly right now, I know.  But truly, this is my first ever! I was so excited I didn't iron it first but just took the picture after pulling out the papers.   Cute, isn't it?
By the way, I AM quilting, I'm just working my way through the round robin quilt.  It's coming along but I don't work on it every single day.  Some days I read.
 My mangle is fixed!!!  I had almost given up.  It worked in South Haven but not after we moved here and I could find NO ONE willing to even look at it.  Everyone ran when they heard the word "mangle" and I knew all I needed was someone who could look at a motor and figure out what part wasn't working.  One day there was an article in our little home town newspaper about a new appliance man in town.  I called him and he said, "what is a mangle?" With that I knew I had my guy.  He was willing to puzzle it out based solely on the motor and gears.  This guy stuck with it and went above and beyond. He was my mangle angel. I do believe he lost sleep over it.  But finally, Wednesday he came, put in a new gear he found online and voila!  It works!!!
This was my mom's and I've told the story before about how she 'helped' from the grave with getting it from her house to mine.  I loved using this when I was growing up and was determined to get it operational again (finally.)  There's no excuse for wrinkles anymore!  (Too bad I can't run my chin through it.)


  1. Firstly Happy Birthday for the end of January....I am guessing end of Jan? The dinner and family gathering looks quite wonderful and a good pork roast is a thing of beauty.
    I am quite shocked that this is your first hexie, I am somewhat obsessed with those things, I just love the whole process of preparing them , sewing them together and watching a quilt grow under my fingers.
    Will you go on to make more?
    Lastly "what is a mangle?" ......see down here in Australia we refer to mangles as the simple set of rollers that our grandmothers would run the clothes through, powered by a hand crank, and only used to wring out excess water.
    Your machine looks like it is powered by electricity and does an ironing function? not recommend for overnight wrinkle treatments on face.
    My husband loves older machines because they are fixable, these days our machines, beep and light up and all but wake you in the morning with a cup of tea.....but they cannot be repaired easily so we junk them and buy another updated and improved model, and on it goes.

  2. WOW !! You found someone who could fix it!! Great photo. Nobody, nobody knows what a mangle is, with the exception of your Mom, my Mom, you, me. The end.

  3. Cute hexie.. Lots of ladies here are into paper piecing at the moment. Its slow progress. I am working on some at present. Well may be I should say sometimes I am working on my paper piecing ...LOL Love the old ironing machine.