Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Look who's coming to dinner

Look who came for dinner!  As I walked through the living room I glanced out the window and there were five deer standing not 8 feet away on the patio and nibbling on the birdseed that fell in the snow. You can see the chair on the left.

 This one was outside the dining room window nibbling on the tree just outside the window.  You can see how close she was by the strip of window trim on the very left of the photo. 
I'm starting to quilt my round robin so I have to go now!


  1. That is awesome......love your project xx

  2. They are such pretty creatures! I like that round robin quilt you are working on, very colourful. My mum had kangaroos in her garden...true! Next time I will grab the camera, here in suburbia we only get pesky possums eating all our trees.