Monday, January 4, 2016


Thanks goodness.  The holidays are over, I can see clear through to February on the calendar and it's only snowing snowglobe style outside right now. Every year I get a little more hum buggy as we try to make sense of a full calendar in November and December, so much so that we lunge toward the finish line exhausted.  The other day PH was moaning a little about what he called the  "constant-ness" and I reminded him that we are very, very lucky to have friends who want our company. Things could be slower and thus lonlier and to count our blessings.  He agreed.

I really enjoy being able to zoom in on the birds at the feeder right from the computer chair.  The cameras are ready and waiting for an opportunity. I absolutely love watching the birds.  When I'm really old and in a nursing home if you just make sure I have a bed by the window and put a bird feeder outside that window, I'll be entertained for hours.
This little goldfinch worried me.  Yes, he's all fluffed up because he's cold, but he just sits there for the longest time.  Sunflower seeds aren't finch food. I decided besides being cold, he's hungry.
 So this morning I went out and got a finch feeder and filled it with proper thistle and it's been a busy place all day.

It put me in mind of another bird I had defrosting in the fridge.  Jenny over at Bird on the Border (on my sidebar) talked about a boned and stuffed turkey her family enjoys at Christmas and I thought it was brilliant and absolutely a must do.  So she sent me the blog of her husband ( the Lone Larder on my sidebar) that shows how they do it and what they stuff it with.  I thought that because I've never deboned anything I should practice on a chicken first.

 The chicken was still a teensy bit icy from the freezer, so it made the chicken easier to hold but colder, too.  Not so floppy.
 Finished. I think.  I guess we won't know for sure till we take a bite into a bone bit.
 I just grabbed things out of the fridge to stuff it with.  First layer is bacon.  Then some breadcrumbs, a little leftover feta cheese, some cream cheese and parmesan on top of that.  Don't ask.  I just grabbed things and didn't measure anything.
I rolled it up, tied it shut and spread garlic salt and ground pepper on top of the olive oil bath.

Finished.  It looks kind of yucky because I cut it right away and didn't let it settle.  Plus putting several kinds of soft cheeses in the middle didn't help the shape. But it sure was yummy. So very moist and tender!! I think I will try this again, this boning a chicken, before I tackle the turkey. I can see the turkey fighting back.


  1. That cooked bird looks awesome! Something to consider...maybe the butcher would de bone doubt for a fee....difficult to do?
    Well done on feeding the little finches too. I love birds in my garden.

  2. that looks super yummo!
    love watching the birds also, we don't have feeders, but there are always lots of different ones in my garden....