Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shadows over Paradise

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Shadows over Paradise by Isabel Wolff 

Lest you think by the title and cover this is a carefree beach book, guess again.  Shadows over Paradise goes deep. 

Jenni Clark is a ghost writer. Her name is never on the cover, yet she’s immersed herself into the lives of many people and presented them to the world.  When Jenni is approached to write the memoir of Klara, she accepts but with reservation after she finds out where Klara lives.  Klara lives in a town Jenni never wanted to go near again in her life.

Klara’s memoir is a difficult one for all of us.  We are well aware of the Holocaust and the horrors of war and genocide in Europe but we are maybe not so familiar with the atrocities the Japanese delivered on prisoners and residents in occupied territories during World War II.  Klara was one of those people and her story brings it all to the surface again for herself and ultimately for her family. It isn’t pretty but finally just telling the story helps Klara finally understand it.  

While spending time with Klara in this town Jenni wanted to forget, her story, too, comes to the surface and is revealed not only to us but to the people in Jenni’s life who were completely unaware of the burden she carried.

We who don’t know as much as we should of the war’s affect in the Pacific should take note.

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  1. I agree these stories need to be told. So much was almost forgotten as the largest atrocity was uncovered. I am glad that now is the time to remind history that there were other stories. Even here in Australia we never really heard of the bombing of Darwin and the lives lost. Even on our own doorstep!!! Censorship was more powerful then and I think people needed time to process and recover. Hopefully now they get to tell their tales and we will understand a bit more....hopefully never to repeat the process.