Monday, February 2, 2015


Saturday Michael and I celebrated our birthdays together.  He will be two this Wednesday and I was a lot more than two last Wednesday.  Our birthdays will forever and always be a week apart and hopefully celebrated together.  DIL asked if I minded having a Paw Patrol cake.  Paw Patrol is Mikey's favorite thing right now.

 He helped his mommy make the cake and then burst into tears when the candles were lit. All he could think was we were setting his cake on fire!
 But he calmed down when he was given a spoon and told to eat it.
 Mike, as I said, is two years old and thus a moving target.  Here he spent a quiet moment with Grandpa and I was able to get a picture that wasn't blurry.

Yesterday we were on the receiving end of a snow storm.  We have 8 inches on the ground but depending on where you live some got as much as 14 inches.
 These little guys look so pretty and innocent sparkling in the snow...
until you back up and get the big picture of their team effort.  When the street plow comes much of this shoveling will have been for naught.


  1. That birthday story is precious. That's the great thing about blogging isn't it? These stories are now remembered. Was the snow from that big nor'easter that was predicted to close down Manhattan? It got great news coverage here. Glad you were safe and snug and able to shovel a little snow. Here's to many more Happy Birthdays for both you and you get to choose a princess cake next time? .....let me guess princess cakes were never really your thing? Lol.

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Denice. I hope you enjoy your day. The cake looks amazing. And I'm loving your snow. We have had such a hot summer and I really don't like heat. I know I've never experienced snow in an every day living environment and I'm sure it has its hassles, but I would love to be curling up with my sewing (or a good book) in front of a fire place. I'm sure that's more romantic than reality is, but I love looking at your snow pictures. Take care.

  3. Happy Birthday for Saturday.What a beautiful photo of Mickey and Grandpa. Have to say Grandpa does not look too happy shovelling. hope the snow doesn't get too bad.