Friday, November 28, 2014


Our Thanksgiving day was once again wonderful.  Our children and grands were all together, daughter did the cooking, dads did the dishes, kids played themselves out.  A person couldn't ask for more.  I hope yours was as nice as ours.

 It's getting harder and harder to get these guys to focus but it's ok.  They have so much fun together they just don't sit still for long.  Charlie and Elizabeth pair up,  Ceci and Adelaide are a pair to draw to and Michael just runs along with them all.  Everyone is healthy and happy to be together.

The amazing thing is that the day before Thanksgiving I received my package from my Secret Santa Maria in Queensland, Australia  and Peg received hers from me in New South Wales, Australia!  Imagine Santa timing that!
 Here's the package I can't open till Christmas.
 But I could open my ornaments.  A hexie with a sweet little angel bear button in the middle and a bird all decked out for the season.  Maria said she stalked my blog and knew I loved birds but I don't think she knew that I've been trying to get up the courage to tackle hexies and just haven't yet.  She scored on both counts!

This is amazing in person.  It's a 6 inch patch of fabric showing the colors and passion flowers and bright butterflies found in the rainforest tropics of Queensland.

Thank you Maria!  I am excited you are my Secret Santa and can't wait to open my gift!  I will now be able to circle your town on my map. 

I keep a nice map of Australia and each Secret Santa's town and the bloggers I follow is circled so I can see where everyone lives. This year I add Maria and Peg.


  1. enjoy your sleigh delivery........lovely ornament...........I need to get a map of the USA............

  2. your dinner looks awesome....loved my ornies xx.....and what Maria has made for you is gorgeous...