Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pie Presssure

Our national holiday of Thanksgiving is coming up in about 10 days and while it's hard to even conceive of Thanksgiving without a turkey,  it's even harder to think of the day without pie. Turkey and pie.  The other side dishes can vary by family tradition, but turkey and pie are the bookends of the meal. Pumpkin pie is traditionally there, but since not everyone likes it (that would be me,)  there is usually a fruit pie offered as a pinch hitter.

Last summer Friends Marge and Jenn wanted to learn how to make pie crust.  They called me, brought apples, husbands and toddler AJ and came down for the day to learn from (their quotes) "the master."  Jeez O Peets, as Marge would say.  I'm not a master and I don't make pie crust from a recipe.  I just do it.  Believe me, the day was much harder for me demonstrating than for them taking notes.
 But we drank some wine, ate some goodies and they each went home with a pie.
Now we're down to the wire, the big day approaches.  It's a big deal, Thanksgiving Day.  The food is the star of the show. No gift shopping, no wrapping, no lights and carols.  Just the food and a table with family and friends all around to eat it.  Marge was feeling the pressure.  Since her mom has become too elderly to do the pies anymore she took on the task for the family.  In order to not mess it up, she did a trial run with pumpkin and apple.
 These pictures are from her phone so this one is a little blurry.  But look at that golden crust! The firm custard filling!

She also made apple pie and then took them over to her sons' houses to taste test.  And after the votes were counted Marge's pies were declared "better than Grandma's!"  Yay Marge!


  1. It's lovely to see other traditions and learning about the rhythms of life. I can appreciate Thanksgiving. We only celebrate Christmas here and although we follow a British tradition it's starting to evolve as to the food we eat. It's hot here at Christmas and we attempted over the years to eat traditional roasts, these days seafood is becoming the normal for the family dinner. Out come lobsters, prawns...I think you call them shrimp...and plum puddings! Not all on the same plate I hasten to add. :-)

  2. I feel like a celebrity! And boy we had a ton of fun thanks again! I have yet to practice (shame on me) but I am hosting Thanksgiving this year on my side ... SO ... if I can get the day off before the big day I'll be trying my hand at it! Hope to see you again soon : )