Thursday, November 20, 2014

A drizzle of sunshine

The weather outside is the song goes. And it really is.  It's been freezing, and depending on where you live we've had anywhere from 4-14 inches of snow and the wind is howling. It's all about two months too soon. 

I've been packing and rearranging and loading and hauling because the house stager said to. But today my sit down job was to coat another 135 peppermint patties with chocolate. When I finished I had lots of chocolate left. As I was pouring it into another container I remembered the raspberries in the fridge.

I'm not such a fan of chocolate on my fruit but my daughter said, "WHAT?? Chocolate and raspberries go together like Parmesan and Chardonnay!"

She's right.


  1. That is a great shot of that fruit, the lighting, the colour , well done! I got a hint from your stager?...are you moving soon? And this weather! My sister is actually in Florida planning to sail her way back to Australia with her husband over the next 12 months or so. She tells me it dropped to 30deg there which in our Celsius reading is zero!!! Seriously the climate is changing and we do need to clean up our act as a global community, even if the jury argues as to the causes.....sheesh! Actually I am reading The Year of Wonders at the moment, right now it is a great commentary on the human spirit in the face of looming fears, how some will run and hide and others will rally and face the fear. My daughter studied it at school...have you read it?

  2. What! You're not getting a lot of sewing done while snowbound? Oh, well, playing with fruit and chocolate is just as much fun! Looks good!