Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hexagon showoff

 Another windy, cold, rainy day and the lake is wild

Two weeks ago my sister-in-law broke her collarbone.  Last weekend PH and I went to visit.  Joyce was looking ok after the shock of the accident and surgery and that day she could move her fingers!  So what does a quilter do?? She showed me a technique she just learned for making hexagons.  Her stamina wasn't long so we did this quickly.  I have a new camera (yay!) so some of the focus isn't right but you'll get the idea.  I know this isn't a new technique because she learned it on a crafty TV channel but it was new to me.  Hexies from circles.

 Someone in Joyce's bee gave everyone some Kaffe fabrics.  Joyce is not Kaffe.  She is batik. She knew she needed to make something from the fat quarters so as not to hurt the giver.  She decided on a table topper.  She's not used to these colors except for the very bottom aqua/teal one.  Working with these colors was way out of her comfort zone.
 She used the lid from a sour cream container.  "Be sure you say it's 4 inches," she said.  "Yup," I said, "8 ounces!"
 She outlined the circles ....
 and cut them out then folded them in half twice.

 Taking the teensiest one thread stitch in the middle of the circle

 ( this is where I messed up a bit on the picture)  Take another stitch at the top of the circle near the folded line 
 and pull it to the center
 First fold
 Now go back up to the top and take the teeniest stitch where the fold is
 and pull to the center (sorry about the out of focus)
 Repeat all the way around the circle at the top fold

 Go to the fold, take a tiny stitch
 and pull
 Keep going around doing the same

 at the end take the last stitch in the tip of the folds

 and pull to the center
 Put one holding stitch in the folds to hold it

Voila! If your first stitch in the middle of the circle is indeed one thread you won't see it from the front.

 Joyce sewed them together in rows....the top three, then four, then five, etc.
 Then she sewed the rows together in the "V" seams

 The back is very clean
 And if you are making a bed skirt or table topper you don't have to add the batting or back.  It's done!  And it lays really flat to the table so a cup of coffee or vase of flowers is secure.


  1. Genius! That's a new one for me. I do lots 'o hexes, now I can stitch on even if I have no papers at hand. You know how I mentioned my love of brights, well Kaffe is my style. The Lake is looking wild, do you get wind surfers out in that weather?

  2. Denice! This is the same Hexie technique I demonstrated at bee a couple months back! It's brilliant!! I was impressed by the simplicity of the cardboard or gluing. I am thrilled you captured the steps on your bog. I think I saw this on Fons and Porter maybe?? You can make any size you want as long as you start with that circle! 😊