Monday, October 13, 2014

Retreat weekend

We nine spent the weekend together for the sixth year at our quilt retreat.  This group has been coming together in the most wonderful Inn where we are pampered and fed and allowed to just be for three days.  It's just plain heaven, especially when we get lucky and the weather is as beautiful as this!

I'll break the weekend up into a couple of posts so you don't get overwhelmed with pictures and I can make the afterglow last a little longer.  Below are some of the things people were working on
 Bertie's year!  I love this but it isn't mine.  I wish there was a pattern for it and not just the BOM kit.

 Flying geese - a whole flock

 Thread embellishing...

A new to us technique for sashing - really, this was very interesting!

 Applying bindings

Finishing ten year old projects

and starting new ones.

Barb taught us how to make fabric roses 

The weather was beautiful but a bit chilly.  A few of us tried to brave it out on the front porch but when the clouds came over and hid the sun it was just too much. Stiff fingers and runny noses don't equate with quilting.
 Can you just see the relaxation mode Friend Marilyn is in?  It's like that for the whole time.  We sew and talk and listen to each other, teach and learn and praise a job attempted and well done.


  1. Sounds like heaven....My favorites would be the ten year projects(of which I have many) and the fabric roses!

  2. Oh, those pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a great time. Aren't retreats the best!

  3. So weird to be seeing your Autumn as we head for Spring. Mind you our Spring see days of 86deg followed by days of 64deg......I don't know what to wear anymore! Glad to see others let projects ripen for ten years and the concentration on friends faces are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the rest.