Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday soccer

Yesterday we drove to the other end of the state to watch Ceci play in her soccer "game."  This consisted of a time for drills and skills and then a 30 minute "game."  I'm using quotes because it was really watching little girls in pig tails running a soccer field, learning the game. Some were really into it and some were still getting into it.  Then there was our little Ceci. 
 She was pretty focused when kicking around her own ball with her little teammates in orange before the "game."
 But once the pink team joined them and the "game" started,  Ceci went into ballet mode.
 She was completely oblivious to the other girls running and kicking and was perfectly happy dancing.
 At one point she was practicing her pirouettes. Pirouettes in cleats.  But I wasn't quick enough with the camera and we were entranced with her interpretive dance.
 Notice she's alone out there.  The rest of the game was going on at the other end of the field.
 See?  There's someone from the pink team behind her but she's dancing.
 Take a bow, Ceci!  It was worth driving 2.5 hours to watch!   At one point, during a water break, she told me she wasn't kicking the ball.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because," she said, "the pink girls are."

 Then we went to another nearby park to watch Charlie play lacrosse.  I've never seen lacrosse being played so it was a good way to learn watching the guys themselves learning.  I told him he looks like a Transformer in his gear.  As soon as the game was over Michael confiscated Charlie's stick.
Charlie said the only way he could get to his stick from Michael was for them to get Mikey one of his own.
 This little guy is one of the most photogenic kids I've ever seen. And he loves to have his picture taken. No cajoling to get him to cooperate!
After a very late lunch or early dinner, it was time for us to trek back home and for the kids to go home and get reorganized for school the next day.

Our quilt retreat is coming up this weekend.  We're all very excited and counting the days by email with each other.  We'll take projects, everyone but me with have their machines, we are bringing our projects we made with our buddy block exchange from last year.  Can't wait to see what everyone did with theirs.  My top is finished but not quilted.  We'll take our favorite and least favorite "why did I buy this?" tool,  some fat quarters to use as currency for a game we play after dinner on Saturday night, wine, of course, and show and tell.  We fill four days with sewing and catching up with each other, and being pampered by the innkeepers.  I don't know what I look forward to the most...all of the above or just being at that inn.  It's wonderful.  PH will hold down the homefront - he gets four days of peace and quiet, too!

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  1. That is waaaayyyy too adorable! Let the others kick a silly ball, I am here to entertain you with my dance. Soccer is still a new sport for our children, in that we didn't grow up playing it in our generation. Here in our part of the world we play a game called Aussie Rules which we like to call football. I played softball as a school girl. Bit like baseball, hopeless batter because I swung at anything, three strikes I was out. Your grandchildren are very photogenic, totally worth the drive I am sure. Have fun on your retreat