Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer's swan song

Last weekend of summer vacation and the girls are here.  We thought we would have an action packed 5 days, but they are exhausted from their action packed summer and just want to chill.  Never would Elizabeth admit she is ready for school to start.

We went for our last picking yesterday.
 The peaches were tree ripened, sweet and juicy. Can you see the juice running off my daughter's hand?
 Elizabeth wanted some bites but didn't want to get messy!  Look at that juice!
 After a farewell to the goats and alpaca we went off to the next farm to pick more
 We picked tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and zucchini.  This farm is an amazing bargain.  Fill that 5 gallon bucket with anything and it's $7.50. My daughter started with tomatoes, went to peppers to fill in the blanks in the bucket then put in eggplant while Adelaide went off to find the zucchini.  The farmer gave us the tip years ago that you put the big things in first then pick the little things and they'll fall through and fill in the blanks in the bucket, thus getting the most for our money.

 Roma tomatoes aren't ready yet, it's been too chilly for tomatoes, but in a week or so I'll go back and pick her buckets for her.  She dries them in the oven and stores them in the freezer.

I also picked a half size bucket with baby potatoes.
 Elizabeth had her own system
Adelaide liked picking the zucchini.   She discovered if you twist them they come off the vine easily.
Ratatouile in a bag!


  1. Too late for me now, but share the farm's name! I'll go next year sometime--the price is right! Our CSA got tomato blight so no tomatoes :(

  2. wow what a great vegie haul you have there....wish we had picking farms like that out here! and so cheap!!! lucky you