Friday, August 1, 2014

Raising readers

    Elizabeth reached a reading level at the end of first grade this year to where she can read "chapter books."  And now it's hard to remember the color of her eyes.  She reads in bed with a flashlight, she sleeps with a book in case she wakes up earlier than Adelaide (at my house they share a bed.) She reads during Adelaide's nap time.  She reads in the car. 

We went to St. Joe for our annual carousel ride, look at the street art (this year it's lighthouses) and a stop in the bookstore.  They each found three books.

 Elizabeth literally had to be steered as she walked down the street.  A tap on the shoulder moved her in the right direction if she veered.
 Adelaide isn't reading yet, she starts Kindergarten in the fall, but that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to a good book.
She had Amelia Bedelia goes to the Doctor and she thought this page hilarious.  Amelia was cooking an egg on a hot car.It just tickled her funny bone. 

We are all readers so they have good role models.  Seeing someone in this family with a nose in a book is their normal and so they follow suit.

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