Sunday, August 10, 2014

Illusion of Separateness

As we go through life we are bound to people in ways we can’t imagine.  We make a mark on the lives of others that we will never know about. And in our times of sadness and aloneness if we could only remember that.  This story tells the interwoven stories of six people and the connections they have to each other, unknown to themselves.  But one small act of kindness or selflessness changes everything.

I can’t remember when I read a book, came to the last page and immediately returned to the first page and read it straight through again in one sitting.  Can’t believe I’ve ever done that.  But I did with this one.  And if there weren’t dozens of books sitting on my shelf waiting their turn, I’d turn to page one and give it another go right now. 

How many books can you say that about? How much better can it be?

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