Saturday, June 7, 2014


Today was a sparkly day in so many ways.  The sky was crystal clear blue cloudless sunny and warm. And so were the girls.  Their dance recital was today and we went to watch and applaud and give hugs.  The auditorium was too dark and we were too far away for good pictures of their dance but that's ok.  Sometimes you have to just record the moment in your hearts.
 Their dresses were purple and sparkly and they wore tiaras and long gloves!  Very cool for little girls. (Elizabeth took the picture below)
 After the recital we walked to a nearby restaurant for a celebration and because it was a very sparkly beautiful day, we sat outside.  Elizabeth was very, very worrisome about her loose tooth.  It is hanging so loose it's sideways in her mouth but she won't pull it.  She wants her teeth to just fall out.  So she had a hard time talking and eating.  We promised her we would talk about her tooth but wouldn't touch it and she prefers questions with "yes" and "no" responses so she can just shake her head.

 Elizabeth took this picture of Adelaide....
 and this one of their "congratulations, girls!" roses from daddy and Grandpa
 and this of our food coming to the table.  She's pretty darned good at composition. I shouldn't be surprised.  She is an artist, after all, and has the eye.
 There was a beautiful fountain just outside the eating area they were dying to explore
 and daddy treated them to some chocolate for dessert.
 After a long afternoon, full tummies and chocolate treats, we waved goodbye and we came home. These grandma and grandpa dates are priceless.

I am purging.  Reaching far into closets, the attic and corners to get rid of stuff. And I'm riding this mood for as long as it lasts.  You know how it is.  Strike while the iron is hot because it may be years before this mood comes round again.  

I found this project for a photography class  I took when I was getting my college degree (while in my 40's).  I can't remember the assignment but I photographed my friend while she was working on a quilt.  I like taking photos of people's hands.  So, I took dozens from elbow to fingertips while she worked.  Then I taped and glued (ugh!!!  why didn't I think ahead!!!!!)  them superimposed onto photos of quilts from the museum.  It showed the motion of her hands and I loved this.  But it was never glassed into the frame and was showing the wear of the years being stuck in the corner of the attic.  So I documented it well with photos and then.....OMG, I took it apart.  I have the negatives, I have the photos and I have documentation of placement if I ever think of putting it together again using photos of MY quilts as background.  Some blizzardy day in January.

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  1. Looks like you really enjoyed you Dance concert. The girls look lovely. I love the collage. Hands are wonderful things aren't they.