Monday, June 16, 2014


I know I'm gushing.  I know every year I post something about the strawberries and the pie and how I label this pie "The Reason God Made Strawberries."  That's its name.  That's what I say every time I present it on the table and proceed to cut it. But I mean it!  Look at these!   I just came home from picking two quarts and advise you that the middle of a hot day isn't optimal for picking.  The berries are warm, so is my tush (when picking I have to stand and bend since my knees don't bend anymore).

THIS is the most amazingly delicious pie and it can NOT be made with grocery store berries shipped thousands of miles from home.  You have to use real in-season, local berries, the ones that juice and  have taste and don't sound like you're cutting a carrot when you slice them.

I don't slice them for this pie.  You don't want to create juice.  Here's the recipe.  Easy peasy!


Pick or purchase at least 2.5 quarts of berries.  In season, fresh, sweet berries.

Bake one pie shell (I make my own and haven't used one of the frozen crusts for this so I can't vouch)

 1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
3 TBSP  cornstarch
      Cook this together till it thickens and bloops.  Take off heat and add:
1 small box strawberry gelatin (Jell-o)  Don't use sugar free.  I mean, come on!  You do this once a year!

Cool completely the pie shell and the glaze (not together.)  You don't want to cook your berries in heated glaze.

Fold the berries into the cooled glaze and then pour into the cooled pie shell.  The higher the berries, the more applause you'll get.  You can add as many as three quarts to one pie if the berries are small.

Put it in the fridge and let it set.  It will hold together when it's cooled and cut. EVERYONE LOVES THIS PIE!

I also make it with fresh blueberries (use blackberry Jell-o) and peaches (peach flavored Jell-o) but the peach pie has to be eaten (all of it!) the day it's made because the juices will break it down by the second day.  Not such a bad thing to make  a whole day a pie day.  Breakfast...lunch...supper...snack.
Go for it!

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  1. I overheard one of the Kingma's say to a customer that this is the best strawberry season in about 30 years!