Sunday, April 21, 2013

This must be how Noah felt

It stopped raining....for the time being.  Major floods at the rivers and as they flow into the lake here, we can see the mud sludge run off way out into the lake.  It's been rough for lots of people but we've been spared all but a leak in our bedroom ceiling.  Patient Husband stepped off the ark and took advantage of the sun today doing what he loves to do best.  After putzing around the yard, sitting in his chair watching a little fire in the pit.  Can you see his little gray haired head above the orange chair?

 I spray painted some furniture for the porch, washed and hung some things on the line and then stitched.
 We're having a baby shower for one of the teachers and I can't remember the date so I thought I should play it safe.  I know it's in May and this is still April so I'm going to make sure I'm ready.  I found on The Purl Bee  this baby beach ball.  So here are the pieces....
 here's the final stitching
and the ball is finished.  This measures 9 inches in diameter.    So very, very easy to do!  I went from start to finish in one movie.  I'll pair it with a book about playing with a ball and voila!

I also made a black raspberry pie.  I was rummaging around in the freezer looking for BLUEberries and found a bag of wonderful black gold from last summer.  I love black raspberries.  The sweet, the crunchy seeds, and a pie.  Oh, what a good pie it makes!! 

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  1. yum that pie looks good, and what a lovely idea for the baby