Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guess who's coming to dinner?

We looked out the kitchen window at noon today and this is who came for my raised beds and roses.

 There was a family of five, some more timid than others. But they all got the "all clear" signal from
this one who was standing in the raised bed.  See that tomato cage?  It holds up my peonies.  The deer are looking thin and scraggly, a bit worse for the wear this time of year. And they're hungry.  But honestly?  Deer in the yard are like mice in the house.  No, we are not hunters.  And no, I don't chase them away.  We're city transplants to the country and still find them interesting. 


  1. Awwww, I want deer in MY backyard, you lucky duck! They're so pretty! Go ahead -- Feed them -- you know you want to LOL!

    Blogger is driving me crazy -- it's so inconsistent in photo loading -- I managed to see all of your photos by looking at your post on a computer and an ipad. The computer loaded the first two pictures but not the third. The ipad loaded only the third. I think it knew I saw the first two and decided I only needed to see the last one. Goofy!

  2. Middle of the city--we've had deer in our backyard over the Cain link fence!) and my neighbor had them in her front yard last night, eating all her tulip shoots!