Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter fun?

Ice fishing. 
Something I've never really understood.  I'm not passing judgement.  I've just never understood the appeal. 

 You go out onto a frozen lake.  You drill a hole into the ice.  You sit there with a special pole dipped into the water and you wait.
 It's cold.  The lake is, after all, frozen.  I don't know if you need to be quiet like you do when the lake isn't frozen and you're in the boat with a friend and you aren't dressed in many, many layers. I just don't see where these guys are having much fun.....
staring into a hole in the ice.


  1. Loved your comment to Anna and totally agree! Where in MI are you? So agree re ice fishing, seems totally pointless!

  2. Came here from Anna to commiserate....One of my pet peeves is one you mentioned, where you are being helped in a store. The phone rings, assistant answers and proceeds to help phone customer while you, who were there first, in person, not sitting at home in an armchair, stand there, tapping your toes and wondering what happened to basic good manners!

    We used to live in Minnesota and saw the ice fishermen every winter (and winter lasts a long time up there). Maybe it's a kind of meditation for crazy people....I'd rather be warm by the fire, stitching!