Saturday, March 16, 2013


Alert!  Alert!  I just found out this is my 301 blog posting!!!  I can't believe it!!!

I've learned something.    Awhile ago I discovered quilting with perle cotton and really liked the look.  I used it mostly for quilts for the grandkids but have since moved on to my other quilts, too.  I really like the look.  But even though friend Liz at Broderie advised me about the size needle to use, I still had some trouble getting the thread through the fabric.  It was much better when using the proper needle size,  but my thumb cracks at the nail in the winter and it's just an issue.
 A couple of weeks ago, just before the winter quilt weekend, I went to the store to buy some perle cotton to quilt this adult quilt (....finally!) and the shop owner suggested I use perle cotton #12 instead of #8. 
 It's just that much thinner and would go through the fabric better.  So I thought anything was worth the try, right? 
Voila!  It's SO very much easier, still looks like perle cotton quilting, acts like perle cotton quilting but is so very much easier to get it through the fabric, even at a fold or seam. 

The shop owner said they all use perle cotton on the spool for their embroidery projects.  They like it so much better than embroidery floss in a skein.  She said it lays flatter, doesn't fray and you're not separating threads.   But you all probably knew that already, right?


  1. Congratulations on your 301 Posts! Isn't blogging the best? I use the Pearl cotton for Twilling. I think we usually use the 8. Good luck.

  2. congrats on 300 posts....looking forward to the next 300............