Saturday, March 23, 2013

Averted disaster

Next week is Easter so that means this week I start baking and freezing.  There aren't going to be that many of us, just 9 adults and 6 little ones, so I don't have to make enough to feed the French army.  Usually I think I have to do that and by the size of the ham I ordered, you'd think I AM feeding an army. 
   I decided to go to my "go to" dessert.  Cream cheese pound cake from The Convent Cookbook.  It's a very obscure little cookbook I bought over 20 years ago and I "go to" it for this recipe.  It's the reason I bought the book.  Now, I know there are dozens of cream cheese pound cake recipes out there but I've only ever made this one.  It freezes like a dream so I can make it way ahead of any upcoming event.
     I was on a roll.  Got it in the oven, started to smell it cooking and then got that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.   Suddenly I knew I forgot HALF of the butter!  This recipe calls for 1/2 cup margarine and a whole cup of butter....two sticks.  Dread.  I knew I blew it.  So I peeked.

 Pleasantly surprised.  It was rising nicely.  Had good color.  Hope floats.
 I took it out, it didn't collapse  like usual, when it was cool I dared to cut a thin slice to see if it was ok.
 And you know what?  I think I like it better!  It's not as heavy and dense, has a good crumb, tastes exactly the same. Winner!  Now I wonder if it would work with two sticks of butter and no margarine. 

Then, on a real dare, I decided to make biscuits.  Just finished reading Martha's newest issue and saw Scott Peacock had a recipe for buttermilk biscuits.  I ripped out the pages and set them aside.  With a whole week to get it right what could go wrong?
 Nothing.  Not a thing.  I have NEVER had biscuits stand at attention like these do. 
 Hot from the oven Patient Husband and his friend started circling the stove so I let them test.
They're delicious, high risers, beautiful and just about idiot proof.   I packed them in the freezer and next week will just have to warm them a few minutes before dinner.

The freezer is smiling right now.