Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Santa flew by. I saw him pass by on a clear night (I didn't know why he was out so early - maybe scouting a route?) As it turned out, he had something for me all the way from Australia!!
I shook the package, opened the box and found this lovely gift - but the tag said I must put it under the tree. Sigh.
I was allowed to open this very sweet embroidered ornament, though. It had a tape measure and cookie cutter tucked inside. Someone on the other side of the world knows I love cookies, the stars and delight in the birds.
Thank you, Santa! I still don't know who you are!


  1. That is darling. What a thoughtful and wonderful friend you have!

  2. Santa is very sneaky will find out at Christmas time........enjoy your ornament on the tree.......