Friday, February 5, 2010

Basting Christine

This is the front. Details will be in the quilting I plan to do.

This is the back

Well, it's a tie, I think. Marilyn and I pin basted the quilt but once again there are quirks. Christine is letting me know she is not going down easily. I'll have to rip out the applique on the corners and bring them in closer to the center. I've done a lot of ripping out and redoing so I guess my possessed quilt thinks it's part of the process. I know for this one I'm learning a lot:

The best thought out plans have a mind of their own
Measure twice - cut once. Measure TEN times and cut once.
Buy WAY more than you think you need. Stores can run out by the next day.
Improvise, improvise, improvise.
Have a good friend handy. Especially one who knows how to do the math.

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