Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trials of Christine

Last week was my birthday and it seemed we celebrated every day. We're staying at my brother's house for a few weeks to escape the lakeside snow machine. While he's on vacation, staying at his house feels like vacation for us. We see friends we haven't seen in months, sleep in, stay up late, eat out. And last week we crammed it all into one week.
Today my friend Marilyn is going to come to school and help me layer and pin baste my quilt I call Christine. Christine started as a good idea on a beautiful fall drive. The fields were beautiful, the sun was shining, the plow marks in the earth were symmetrical. It all looked like a quilt. For almost a year I cooked the idea in my head and gathered fat quarters. Last summer I started. From the beginning nothing worked the way I wanted it to. The whole idea changed. I decided I could live with the new idea but it wasn't what I dreamed about for a whole year.
When it was time for borders and backing I cut fabric wrong. Measure twice, cut once took on new meaning! Marilyn and I created a fix. I cut the fix wrong. Store was out of fix fabric. I called every quilt shop in my quarter of the state of Michigan and ended up in Indiana at a wonderful shop called Lolly's. They sent the fabric (save those selvages with names and numbers on them!!).
I elaborately appliqued a 'fix' and applied it to the backing. Back almost looks better than the front! I decided halfway through arguing with this quilt that it had a mind of its own and was going to use it. It was a character in a Stephen King novel. I named it Christine. Today, if she will let us, we'll pin baste Christine. I'll let you know who wins.