Saturday, February 20, 2010

Instead of going home, we are staying in town this weekend so my GH (good husband) can play cards with his friends. They haven't had a game in a couple of years so they're all excited to get together tonight. I made the sausage and pepper and onion combo that is so easy and tasty. It's good fork food - no knives needed.
I plan to spend my evening layering the baby quilt I just pieced. I'll post a picture Monday.
The first seed catalog came yesterday. I don't know how they got me on their list because seeds don't like me. The pictures look so great it's hard not to get excited and go out to buy bags of seed starter mix, armfuls of seeds and grow lights. I have none of these. I do have some morning glory seeds to try....again, some potting soil and a few small containers. We have little space for food garden. We're mostly lavender, and apple trees we don't spray so the squirrels and raccoons get the harvest. A couple of peach trees which gave us a great yield this past year, and two pear trees which this past summer gave us little but in years past gave us lots. I do have some tomatoes in pots and we gave a space next to the garage to black raspberries because I love them and as we speak my wild picking places are being bulldozed down.

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