Thursday, February 7, 2019

Winter bright

More ice.  Yet another snow/ice day.  They are up to, I think, 11 days off  school.  It's gotten old.  Really, really old.  And the jokes about going to school until July aren't funny anymore, either.
Yesterday, as usual, the girls walked in the front door and out the back door to go play in the woods out back. 

 I thought as I zoomed out they looked like crocuses, the only spots of color out in the dreary woods.

On a brighter note, Friend Susan in Australia and I did a small project to exchange with each other.  Susan's favorite flower is the rose so this is what I did for her.  In my haste to take this to the post office before last week's weather shut down I forgot to take a photo!  This is from Susan after she opened it.  It's applique and echo quilted.  And she loved it!

 This little beauty is what Susan sent to me. 
Susan knows I love the birds and got this idea from one of my blog posts!  How's that for paying attention to someone!  I gasped when I opened it.  And yes, it's propped on one of the bookshelves so I can look at it all day.  Thank you again, Susan!!

So, today is yet another ice day.  The weather is supposed to come through warm enough to melt about mid day so hopefully that will be true and we will get out for a bit.  Right now it's raining quite steadily and freezing on contact.  As tired of this as we are, it's beautiful.

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  1. Lovely work from both of you in the swap. My favourite little bird now too. The woods look void of wildlife except for the girls.. ha ha