Thursday, July 5, 2018

Testing, testing...

It was a nice day, too nice to stay home so we went for a drive in the countryside.

 Yes, when I see laundry hanging out on a line I open the window and zoom in and take a quick snap. Sometimes I get out of the car and tiptoe up a driveway, mostly not.

 We saw a sign for fresh peas and stopped.  Peas, peas, everywhere!  I asked they guys if they know how much they sell and they said, "twelve acres."  No, they don't know how many pounds and no, they don't have someone shelling them.  They've been doing this for 21 years and the farm has been there for 40 years so everyone in the area knows where to get their fresh peas.

Now, my request for this post is that you post a comment. I felt like I was talking to myself for weeks because blogger disabled the comment part of the blogs.  Everyone has been confounded and confused and frustrated but dear Peg over at Happy in Quilting says she found a fix through another blogger.  If you would accommodate me and reply to this post I'd love to know if we are back in a conversation again.  If you are having a problem, go to Peg's post and follow her instructions.  Let's hope!

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