Friday, April 7, 2017

True Stories About Facing the Unknown

True Stories About Facing the Unknown edited by Catherine Burns
 Imagine sitting on the porch on a quiet evening with a few people and in the quiet of the evening you tell a story.  Your story makes someone else think of something to share and they tell their story, and someone else then does the same.  Like moths attracted to a lit porch light, we tell our stories from our hearts and open ourselves to the light, fluttering our wings at the light we see.
    This is the Moth.  Stories told on stages around the country, people like you and me standing up in front of people like you and me and telling our story.  No notes, no prompts, nothing but our heart and soul and the one experience that somehow stuck with us, changed us and become us.
    All These Wonders is a compilation of forty five of these stories and they are truly wonders.  These stories make us take note of each other simply through the story of ourselves.  Reading these or listening to them on the radio, we don’t know anything about the person speaking but for what they are telling us.  We don’t know what they look like on the outside but by listening to them, we see they are simply us on the inside.
    I can’t think of anything more amazing.


  1. Can't wait to start it! It will be my Friday reading book at school this year :)

  2. Oh I have always wondered about "the moth". I listen to the radio a fair bit here in Australia and they often have this series broadcast. I have always said that people are fascinating, that we all have a story to tell.
    Is this book based on USA stories?