Sunday, April 16, 2017

Addendum to Horsing Around

Well.  Who knew?  When my brother and sister-in-law arrived today I was very excited to tell him that I made horseradish.  He said, "don't you remember the fumes also killed her canary?"  NO! I didn't remember that!  Busia always had a canary,  they sang their hearts out and they were always called Caruso.  It seems this one day after my grandpa made the horseradish and brought it in the house it was noticed that Caruso wasn't singing.  They checked the cage and there he/she was, hanging upside down on the perch, dead.   The fumes killed the canary!

AND I found out my brother doesn't even like horseradish.  Never did!  While it took me a long time to learn to eat it and I blame this on how my grandpa looked after grating it,  my brother probably remembers the dead canary. 


  1. This is really rich and funny, with exception of Caruso's passing. She LOVED her canary's, and I am surprised that I don't remember this, but they probably sheltered me from this piece of news. Wow, and I do remember how the adults reacted to this horseradish, especially your Dad. It was like a rite of passage, to be able to eat it. Funny.