Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The day before the day before

"It's the day before the day before Thanksgiving," says Adelaide, and that means we keep them out of Mommy's hair while she prepares for the big day with our family.  Every year we pick the girls up from school on Tuesday and bring them home with us for a couple of days.  Today we detoured to the movies to see the Peanuts movie and then to the Broadway Bar.  It's a little neighborhood bar in a working class old neighborhood my mom grew up in on the west side of Grand Rapids. There isn't much to it but a good burger and fun.  Each holiday they decorate and Christmas is their busiest time. We were there late afternoon but too early for the dinner crowd.

 Elizabeth walked in the door first, stopped in her tracks and said, "WHOA!" Adelaide walked in and said, "Holy Santa Claus!" There isn't a single square inch of this place that isn't decorated.  The chairs all have Santa hat coverings, the walls are completely (COMPLETELY) covered, there are singing, dancing characters, it's a festive sensory overload.
 I gave them 3D glasses to look at the lights with.  Adelaide's made every light look like a snowman and Elizabeth's made every light look like a star.



  1. Well, now! That's on my 'must-do' list for the Season :) Looks like fun, even for grownups.

  2. I would love to visit that place