Saturday, November 7, 2015


Citrus by Valerie Aikman-Smith and Victoria Pearson

  Another surround smell book review.  This time the book I received from Blogging for Books is called  Citrus.
Citrus really appealed to me, especially since this is citrus season for us. grapefruit,  oranges, lemons, limes, pomelos, the list is long and refreshing.  I went through the book twice just reading the recipes and then had to find a way to mark pages because there were so many I wanted to try.  
      The one that won for now was the lemon gateau because I needed a dessert for tonight.  

    But there are eleven others tagged for other times. They are all simple, easily accomplished recipes. Truly, the only hard part is the choosing. If they all taste as good as this lemon gateau does (yes, I snitched a taste before tonight!) then this book will just lay on the counter waiting for the chance to be used again and again.  No putting it away!

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