Monday, September 22, 2014

Ugly duckling

I had a little orphan chair knocking around the garage for years.  Don't remember where it came from but I do have a bad habit of buying chairs.  This one went into the garage sale a couple of weeks ago and no one wanted it, even though I was practically giving things away.

One night I was surfing through Pinterest and happened on the oil cloth pages and since I love the colors of oil cloth I decided to give this little chair a second chance.


Not ugly!  I bet someone would buy it now!
 Big winds Sunday.  All day it blew hard and when that happens the surf pounds so loud you really have a hard time hearing someone standing right next to you talk.
 Look.  No beach. Lake Michigan is the highest it's been since 1998 and with these strong winds bringing in a cold front they pounded against the bluff and the beach is gone.  This summer was a summer of very little beach, but the lake is a living thing and it will go back down.  Till then, nowhere to put a blanket.  When these winds stop there will be a little space, though. 
When it turns cold or storms or blizzards I have to have a cookie. Haven't figured out why that is but it's been that way for years and years.  So yesterday it was pecan sandies.  Basically a shortbread recipe with lots and lots (and for me, put in more lots) of pecans.

Can't show you what I'm working on, it's a secret for Christmas.  I'm not as prolific as some because I like to applique by hand and hold my quilts to the same work ethic I do for books.  One at a time.  I work on one project till it's finished (pretty much - except for the actual quilting part of some) and read one book at a time.  I figure if I split the time between lots of projects or more than one book then nothing is getting done.  If I stay with the one then the time is put toward a finish.  I can hear all of you quilters belly laughing right now.  One project at a time!!???? Is she nuts????  No, and truly, when it comes to the quilting part, since I do that by hand, too, I need to give my underneath finger time to heal from being poked so I work for awhile then move onto an applique part. When the finger heals I go back to the quilting.  But there aren't  seventy-eleven partly pieced things happening.  That just makes me break out in a rash thinking about it.


  1. Lol, I USED to be one project at a time girl...but not now. I think it sneaks up on you if you are not careful and now I am a little rash jumping from one to another but it had to slow a little because I too get a little anxious if there are too many projects on the go.......I feel better when they are finished. How can anyone read more than one book at at time? She asks curiously...really? I have a stack of books to read on the bedside table but I do finish one book before starting the next. :-) however I will stop reading a book if I don't like it, once upon a time I would soldier on but I now think life is too short and there is no room for bad books. I love your pictures of the wind.

  2. You clever cookie, your chair is totally transformed

  3. Love the chair transformation. As for one project at a time, we do what makes sense to our brains. Good for you to get them all done. I do "okay" getting them done...meaning 1) I send some out for machine quilting which can take years sometimes 2) I complete tops then they wait in queue for me to machine or hand quilt or 3) they are "in process"